Ever needed to have an app that couldn’t just secure your data, additionally help you find your device if it ever gets lost or misplaced? Well! Here is a multipurpose app (XNSPY) that can do just a lot more than you think.

More often when we hear about a cell phone spy app, the first thing we think is “it’s an app for spying on other people.”

To some extent it’s true, but the app I am going to review offers much more than just spying. You can use it for yourself, to protect your family, to secure your business secrets, to improve employee productivity and/or anything else you can imagine.

I will also share the story behind the creation of this app. However, I will be talking about its usability, features, and functionality, pros and cons.

The XNSpy Story – Building a Better App

The XNSPY app review

As told before XNSpy is not a customary monitoring and tracking application. It is a highly optimized software created to address the current shortcomings in spying category. The Philosophy behind XNSPY lies the broad study on multiple spying apps to discover the gaps and fill them with XNspy spy app.

  1. Excessive Consumption: The team noticed most of the apps that provided numerous options were resulting in a significant consumption of storage space and battery upon installation.
  2. Feature Based Pricing Option: While studying the gaps, it was found that customers do not really have a choice to pay according to features, they have to purchase the entire feature-base of the app whether they need the advanced features or not.

The team diligently designed the XNSpy app for filling up the gaps above. The app resulted in low cost, highly optimized, small, yet powerful with great stealth features. The best part is it doesn’t drain the battery quickly and run without being hampered.

A Video Demo


XNSpy is compatible with both operating systems – iOS and Android. It is likewise usable across both jailbroken and none- jailbroken devices as well as rooted and non-rooted devices respectively.

A welcome email is sent to the customer upon the purchase that provides login credentials, an activation code, and an installation guide.

After installation, a user can control the functionalities and monitor activities through an online dashboard. The online interface allows the user to control and monitor multiple devices via a single interface. For Android users, there is an XNSpy dashboard app available on Google Play that allows the user to monitor tasks on the go.


spy phone free app

XNSpy has all the basic features that one would expect from a spy app.

However, several advanced features occur to set it apart – the automated monitoring feature and the failsafe feature.

Let’s throw some light on basic features before bringing advanced features into a discussion.

Features are what make it unique from all others in the market.



Basic Features

mobile spy app1. Call Records:

XNSpy keeps a record of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Details including contact name (if saved), number, date, time, duration and location of the device at the time of the call are made available to the app user.

All calls are recorded and the app user can listen to them via the dashboard.


2. Comprehensive Text Monitoring:

This application monitors text through multiple channels such as SMS, IM Chats (WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype, etc), and email.

Details provided to the user, besides the complete text message, include Contact Name (if saved), number (if applicable), date, time, email address (if applicable) and the location of the device (SMS only) at the time the text was sent or received.


3. Location Tracking:XNSPY review

XNSpy is using the device’s GPS. Data and Wi-Fi can provide accurate location tracking to the user, including current location and locations visited throughout the course of the day.

All featured within the application.


Advanced Features and Failsafe systems

Automated Monitoring:

Through the use of watchlists, the user can automate monitoring and tracking tasks so to be able to focus on other things as well.

There are three watchlists that can be setup – Words, Contacts, and Locations.

  1. In the words watchlist, one can define a list of words that seem suspicious or inappropriate if used in a text conversation.
    Once setup, the app checks all incoming and outgoing messages for the words in the list and if there is a match then an email is sent to the user with the complete message and details.
  2. The same way if a certain contact is deemed suspicious on can highlight in the watchlist. Thus, whenever communication occurs between the user and the highlighted contact, an email is sent to the application holder with complete details.
  3. The location watchlist is one of the most powerful automated tracking features of this app. The user can designate certain areas so that when the device enters those areas or gets close to them the app user is notified.
    The same can be done for when the device leaves a certain pre-defined area and when that happens the XNSpy user is notified.

Failsafe Systems

There are two main failsafe systems that are incorporated in the app – remote lock and remote delete.
Depending on the situation, these can be used in worst-case scenarios that include loss and theft of the device. The XNSpy user can remotely delete all data from the device so that it is not seen by anyone.

Installation Guide


  • Highly useful automated monitoring system
  • Does not take its toll on the target device
  • Discrete and stealthy
  • Great Value for money
  • Customer centric/user-friendly product


  • Requires a separate license for monitoring of additional devices
  • Only compatible with iOS and Android


Multiple packages are included according to functionalities – The Basic Edition costing as low as $8.32/month and the premium Edition costs $12.49/month.


XNSpy app has great stealth features and multiple uses. It is relatively cheap as compared to others in its category and the advanced features of automated monitoring and tracking and the failsafe really make it a powerful tool.

Your say:

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  • Mistress Inferno

    XNSPY is the worst phone monitor software I have EVER used, the software is extremely unstable. It came to the point that the software wiped a device completely. XNSPY own description is very sumier. And the 24/7 support is NONE existent. The chat function is mostly not available. The XNSPY support is very slow and very unprofessional, and the product overpriced!! They are based in pakistan and try to censure my reviews. Shame on them!