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Making money online can be fun, but limiting your creativity for earning money through online jobs may be more worse than making no bucks at all.

You can do a lot of things to earn money right now with your laptop and internet. However, it is up to you how you go about it. If you love writing and working as a freelance writer and never worked outside the jobs portal like UPwork, Elance, Freelancer or Fiverr. Then take this information very seriously because in few minutes your freelance writing career is going to get off the ground.

In this post, I’ve collected the top 16 websites that pay you for writing a blog or making a contribution to their websites. These websites are working in technology, education, travel, finance, business, blogging, tech, and health niches. So, always be sure to pick the related website about which you have the knowledge to contribute something better. Let’s have a look on each of the websites.

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  1. Funds for writers

Niche: Writing

Payment channel: PayPal or check

Getting $45-50 per article is great. This website is happily paying and looking for the articles and materials that help the writers in their writing skills. They prefer the success stories. Furthermore, you will not have to wait for long to get paid for your writing because they accept the articles within a week after submission.

How to get accepted:  For getting your article accepted here you will have to write your article bit emotionally.

  1. Income Diary

Niche: Traffic/making money online

Payment Channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50-$200

Income diary is doing very well when it comes to building an online business and making money online. So if you intend to contribute an article to this website, so be sure that your article is about Social media, optimization, getting traffic and making money online.

Tip to get accepted: Instill some practical observation and tips in the article.

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  1. Transition Abroad

Niche: Travel

Payment Channel: PayPal or check

Payment Terms: $50 – $150

You may be an outgoing person who loves to travel and find new places. This website is the best fit for you if you love adventure. Contributing in Transition Abroad will not only make you some bucks for writing a blog but also give you the exposure in travel niche.

Tip: Present your article more in a story-telling form.

  1. Cracked

Niche: Comedy website

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $100

Get paid to write posts about pop culture, wired news and other interesting topics. The interesting thing about the cracked is that they do not want articles only, you can even submit videos, infographics and Images.

Tip: Pick a proper tone for your articles to get accepted in cracked.

  1. TopTenz

Niche: General

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

If you ever wanted to write and publish about some 10 great things, so now is your opportunity to show yourself. This website loves the top 10 list articles only. However, their guidelines will give you deep understanding about submission.

Tip: Articles with the ability to express knowledge and interesting information is more likely to get accepted.

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  1. Brazen Life

Niche: Business

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

Brazen Life is offering an opportunity to business and educational writers to submit their articles about networking, marketing, universities and Human resource management. Writing blogs about these topics will not only give you the handsome amount of money but likewise provide you exposure to hundreds and thousands of people.

Tip: Getting paid for your written articles at Brazen Life, you have to incorporate a professional tone in your article.

  1. Matador Network

Niche: Travel

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $40 and more

Matador is another travel website which loves original writing pieces about travel, cultures and people around the world.

Tip for acceptance: Since, it is a travel and culture website so you have to write in a unique tone that represents the real culture or place or topic for which you intend to write.

  1. Developer Tutorials

Niche: Technology

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $100

They accept tutorials about flash, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax and other tech related topics. If you’re someone who has experience in technical writing and eager to share your thoughts and ideas to the world then give it a try.

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  1. UX Booth

Niche: Technology

Payment channel: unspecified

Payment terms: $100

UX Booth is a bit more conscious in picking up your ideas & topics, so sometimes it takes weeks to make your article live. Generally, they are good to pay $100 per post to authors for writing about designing and its usability. But you will have complete collaboration from their staff while writing an article.

  1. Sitepoint

Niche: Web development

Payment channel: unspecified

Payment terms: $50-$100

Getting your article expose to 4 million readers is just another bonus apart from the money. This site is just like Developers tutorial website, but with a little more fun and money. They would love you to contribute to their website.

  1. Intense Blog

Niche: Blogging

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

A successful blogger has many backlinks. Yes, it is true. So if you’re a blogger and love to write about blogging then it is the chance for you. Not only it will give you exposure, but likewise, you will have a backlink and lot of exposure.

  1. Desert USA

Niche: Adventure

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

Adventure, adventure and adventure. Yes! The adventure. Desert USA is looking for articles about adventure, travel and wildlife of the North American Desert regions. If you enjoy writing about travel and adventure, then try this website. It will just make you more adventurous.

  1. Dissent NewsWire

Niche: News

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $100-$250

Got a personality like a journalist? If yes, then Dissent loves you. It pays authors like you for covering news reporting, essays, commentary and opinions, analysis and interviews. It’s awesome opportunity for freelance writers who love freedom.


Niche: Art

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

It is a community website about artists & theater. While they might pay you more $50 for great quality work and writing materials. So, grab this opportunity right today and show your talent.

  1. Wise Bread

Niche: Personal finance

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50

Wise bread is a community which is helping individuals to live big on a small budget. If you have any saving plan or anything that can match their topic of blogging, then you are a superman for the wise bread.

  1. Smashing Magazine

Niche: Tech

Payment channel: PayPal

Payment terms: $50 or depends

It is really smashing. Get your space there as soon as you can. They are not only paying money to writers like you but likewise boosting up your freelance writing career. If you have the ability to share your experience and knowledge about technology, coding, WordPress and so on. Chances are that you get approved.

Tip: You don’t need to be a super writer for the smashing magazine. But you have to contribute some unique tips that add value.

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Final thoughts
With the increasing number of freelancers, the freelance portals have made their policies even harder. Portals also do not give much independence and identity to writers. You have to be a ghost writer, who works for money only and not getting any other benefits.

So contributing to these websites will not only make you decent amount of money, but it will also give you exposure. Moreover, you will also be able to publish your submissions under your own name. It means you hold the ownership of your content. Make a happy dappy freelance career.

Aamir Khursheed is the founder of the & is a young motivated writer, entrepreneur and a Public speaker. Currently, he is developing a new mindset for advanced entrepreneurship and pursuing his degree in Business Entrepreneurship.