10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Double your Income

A perfect guide to monetize your website

Are you looking for ways to monetize your blog being a blog owner already? Or, are you planning on starting a blog for money making?

If yes, then you have reached the right place to gain insights to monetize your blog. Money-making via blogging is not some flummery. And if you are planning to pursue blogging for money-making then be a visionary first. The first thing to do is proper goal identification and strategy making. And then give it your time and hard work. So have a look!

ways of blog's montization

Ways to Monetize your Blog

There are several ways of blogging which I am going to tell you now with which you will have a clearer vision of what suits you more and where should you move towards. Lets begin with the first way.

First things first

Your blog should be engaging. By engaging, I mean that your content should be written in such a way that the readers/audience could be better able to relate it to themselves. Your content should be unique and search engine optimized too so that it is ranked higher and the search engine locates it easily. It should be easy to understand and informative so that the readers find it helpful and not a waste of time.

Direct Blogging

This is done by selling information on your blog. The information could be in the form of audios, videos, ebooks and other such products. This has 2 ways:

1) Affiliate Marketing

When you sell other people’s products and charging a commission.

2) Marketing Yourself

When you sell you own made products. For instance, you are an SEO specialist and have written ebook on search engine optimization, your blog would be the best place to sell it if has a huge generated traffic otherwise you will have to sell on other platforms/websites.

Indirect Blogging

Your blog can be a source of money-making for the other services you provide offline. For example, you are a freelance trainer, your blog can be helpful in marketing your training/coaching services. And once it is done, your efforts are paid to monetize you blog as it is a cyclical process. More audience, more marketing, then more audience and ultimately more money (for this you need to learn the tactics of generating traffic)

AdSense And Other Alternatives

You might have heard the pay-per-click technique in which the blogger is paid for the clicks that reader/visitor makes on the ads posted by the search engine on your blog. That is a time-consuming process as getting AdSense by google is the most important factor in pay-per-click method and that is generally very difficult.

If google or the search engine doesn’t find your content new and interesting, they simply won’t give your blog the AdSense and this fact makes it riskier because if you apply for AdSense and you don’t get it, all of your efforts will go in vain. You can get AdSense easily if you have a low bounce rate and high traffic, but still other factors also play the part.

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Know your content and Speak!

Well well, this is not a technique, rather it is something that includes your public speaking. Know every nook and cranny of your blog, improve it by publishing the most quality stuff on it, one thing. Secondly, know all the stuff that you publish about your niche and speak about it at the public events. It is the best way to market yourself and your blog. And this is how you get paid for speaking on events based on your knowledge about blog’s content and your credibility.

Perform on a webinar

The Webinar is like an online workshop or conference where people all around the globe come online and listen to and interact with you. What you can do is charge for your individual virtual seat and let them see your presentation via conferencing online. Apart from that, you don’t have to charge your visitor rather hosting a webinar can be a marketing tool for the publicity of your blog and ultimately to generate traffic.

Online Market Place

Start buying both tangible and intangible products on your online store. That is a step ahead as you need to have both technological as well as business management skills. But then again, the outcome is better in this option to monetize your blog or online store.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your content Search Engine Optimized i.e., writing the content in such a ways that the search engine finds it most relevant to the niche you have written about. this way your blog have a higher ranking and thus, there would be a greater chance to be seen and visited by the audience.

Product Reviews

Your blog can have a variety of categories and one can be product reviews. Also, you can launch a blog that is solely for writing reviews of gadgets and other products.

Not just that, there are companies that pay these review blogs for writing reviews about their products because this way their customers gain more and more information about their products. You don’t have to write positive reviews just because the company is paying, keep it all genuine.

See the example: Ninja Outreach Review

Sell Yourself

Sell your expertise. If you are a finance specialist or a practicing medicine, then start your blog. This you would be working as an online consultant where solving people’s problem will help you monetize your blog and earn for your skills and experience.

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Membership Plans

Last but the most trending way to monetize your blog these days is offering membership plans to the audience. The free membership plan lets the reader view the basic level and for those more advanced level you charge a fee for your premium plan or premium membership program. This might be a regular income stream for you in case you have a consultancy firm and for the purpose, you are running that blog.


So these were all the ways to make money online via blogging and general ways to generate traffic for your blog, but what I find the most effective one is what is your niche and how is your content.

If your content is not developing the interest in your audience, then all the above ways won’t do you any good. Monetizing your blog is not a difficult thing in my view.
Somebody told me, “Money should not be your core objective. What you do, it should be out of passion and it will monetize itself on its own eventually.” Follow the saying and you will see it yourself.

I define myself as a perfectionist. Who competes to beat his very own performance and then celebrates. This is something that brings me immense pleasure in the end.Previously, I used to say, "I am a business student and intend to hold a degree in finance" but now I introduce myself as a blogger or as a writer because writing is something I find myself at ease where and love doing and aim to achieve at.So folks, this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come!