When the words “online business” hit our ears. The first thing that crowds our minds is either blogging or freelancing.

But, the online business doesn’t only mean freelancing or blogging or slaving on the computer’s screen. However, one can easily establish a real business out of it with the proper planning and setting.

I understand, it’s quite hard to transform your idea into a real business, but with putting a little exertion, you will definitely reap the fruits.

But wait here! Many people have a great set of skills but they don’t know what are the options available to them. For this purpose, I have gathered a list of 62 ideas that you can carry out online to make real money as soon as you get started. Here you go!

1. Create an Online store

No matter in whatever you are specialized. Either you are expert in something or not, but selling online is just another emerging trend. As E-commerce has been the most profitable industry for years. It has created a lot of opportunities for individuals to start a biz with a little investment.

Either you make your hand-made products or you resell the products. Online space is a great way to start and grow online as a business.

If you are technically unsound, it’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to be a website designer or coder. There are companies like Shopify where anyone can create a store without having any technical knowledge.

This is the great way to start off with your first e-commerce shop.

2. Flipping the Domains

It’s the real estate business of the internet world. Domainers buy and sell domain names for making a little fortune out of it. The domain names industry is on a high rise. One can even earn thousands of dollars flipping domains as it takes a little time to research or investment.

From experience, I can tell you. Business names as domain names sell fast. If you are just starting out, then Namecheap is a great way to start buying domains for cheap.

So where to sell?

Flippa and Sedo are the marketplaces where you can immediately start selling your domain names. Both marketplaces bring together the buyers and sellers of the domain names. Contact me if you need any help regarding domain names.

3. Teaching

Teachers are always been in high demand whether it’s offline or online. Therefore, if you have got expertise in your area, then go ahead and become an e-tutor. You can make a truly amazing business out of it. There are several sites like Tutorvista where you can start your teaching academy online.

4. Become A Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will start off as one person, but with time you will grow into a team. A whole team will carry out on this online business which will expand your opportunities and business with a pace. Virtual assistants are well-paid individuals on the internet. Sites like Zirtual and Upwork have a great deal of opportunities for virtual assistants.

5. Sell Photos Online

Can you click beautiful pictures?


Then why not to sell for money on the internet. I have seen many people around me having the passion for the photography, but they keep it to their hobby only. Let’s explore and make a business out of it. You can make a nice living just by selling photos. There are tons of people including Bloggers, who are willing to buy stock images from you.

There are many marketplaces like Shutterstock or Getty images for photographers to sell photos.

6. Forex Trading

High risk, high return. Forex trading is one of the high earning online business. If you have got the analytical mind and quantitative skill set then you are all good to go for Forex trading. You can be a millionaire with this business. However, remember the risk is very high, you need to be a good player in the market to get maximum return on your investment. Though, you can start with a very little investment.

Forex trading involves the trade of currencies.

7. Get Paid to Write

The internet is all about information. If you are a good writer, who can put ideas into words then there is a big market for your services on the internet. There are magazines and blogs who need writers for publishing content on their blogs/magazines. Moreover, you can also join freelance portals to find clients. Once you start growing as a writer, you can even start a Freelance writing agency with more individuals employed with you in your business.

8. Self-Publishing

It’s a great way to generate passive income. The internet has made it possible for authors to self-publish their e-books. With the right marketing tools, you can self-publish your own book on any topic you want. How do you get started? Amazon has the best self-publishing platform for authors. Amazon is surely your place to get started.

9. Advertise on Your Blog

Got a blog? Attract the businesses to advertise on your blog. The philosophy is simple, you will sell the ad spaces on your blog to businesses for a period of time and will charge them the fee according to the popularity of your blog. This can be turned into a potential online advertising business that you had never thought of.

10. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular methods. This is simple! You get the commission on the products you sell. However, it’s up to you how you go about selling the products on the web. Whether you create a niche blog or use social media. The strategy depends on you. In this area, Clickbank is the popular platform to start promoting digital products and get paid on every sale.

11. Fiverr

Fiverr – The most common platform that is used by millions of people to generate money online. Sellers have quite established digital service based businesses on Fiverr. If you are just starting out, Fiverr can help you establish your business in the online space.

12. Flipping on OLX

This is a bit uncertain way, but people are doing this business to make their living. It’s the most simplest and easiest method in the list. You can start off with a very little investment. Just buy a single product for cheap and sell it off with some margin of profit on OLX.

Watch this video for 50 more glamorous ideas.

Don’t try each and every method, because all from the list above will not work for you. Choose only one and stick to it until you establish it. They may seem a time waste, but all the ideas have a lot of potential and people are actually making bucks. It’s now your turn!


Aamir Khursheed is the founder of the techinism.com & is a young motivated writer, entrepreneur and a Public speaker. Currently, he is developing a new mindset for advanced entrepreneurship and pursuing his degree in Business Entrepreneurship.