7 Methods To Promote Your Blog’s Content That Will Actually Bring Traffic

Some Effective Blog Promotion Tactics

Writing content only is not enough. As a blogger, you should also know what necessary actions are to be taken to promote your blog’s content and make it reachable to the right audience.

I have seen bloggers writing interesting posts, but their blogs are not successful. And that is because they write the right content but just not promote it to the right audience. So here, I am gonna show you some life hacking techniques in order to manage your blog’s posts promotion in an efficient way.

Are You Even Ready To Promote Your Blog’s Content??

That is a question which you need to ask yourself first. Is it what you are doing enough? Just writing and publishing and praying that it will go viral? If you think that is not necessary then you are definitely thinking like a wise man. So pay attention!

Add Spices

Make the content, especially the beginning, more exciting, surprising and stirring because nobody is interested in vapid and flat material if given to study. So you need to add spices as the first step to promote your blog’s content.


Know Your Audience

That is really crucial and imperative that you know whom your content is for. The founder and CEO of Copyblogger, Bryan Clark says,

know your audience

For Instance, Techinism.com is a website for technology, biz blogging and freelancing so the content it has is all about tech Biz, blogging, and freelancing. Knowing your audience is of great consequence and so it should be considered in the very beginning.

Usefulness of Content

Your content has to be practically useful rather than a waste of time for both yourself and the reader. This needs proper research, but for the most of the part, it needs experience of the blogger. A tip would be to write about something that you have practiced or you’ve had a real-life experience with. When your content will be genuine, your efforts will pay off for sure.


Learn to Write Useful Content in 3 simple ways

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Reaching the right audience is crucial but not necessarily every blogger can do this on his own. For the purpose the best I have found is networking with the right people in your specific niche and via them, reaching the right audience is made possible. Kristi Hines is a freelance and a professional blogger and she suggests,

your network is your networth

This actually saves lots of your time and efforts and helps you generating audience automatically. You just need to have their emails or be connected to them on social media. A must is to share your content on all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc and make it your very next step to be taken the moment you complete and publish your blog post.

Your Personal Exposure

Exposure is significant in many respects. It can be useful for you to gain experiences, to meet others in your niche, helps in networking and more importantly, markets you, which eventually helps to promote your blog’s content.

The best way to do that is to explore your niche in the first place and then speak about your experiences. Expressing is what you do when you do blogging so adapt this expressing in the real sense and talk because this will bring to you different potential opportunities from the outside world.

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Add Visual Aids

Visual Aids serve two purposes. One, they demonstrate your technical competence by conveying your message clearly and concisely. And second, they enhance your content. A picture is worth a thousand words, true that but it also makes your content catchy to an eye.

Not just pictures, add stickers, video and audio clips, power-point presentations and graphs etc. Remember these are small things that enhance your blog ultimately help your blog’s content reach to the bigger audience as if it will be appreciated it will more likely be recommended through favorable word of mouth.

Write What Is Needed

That is simple. This requires proper keyword research and planning. Yes, it is more technical than the above-mentioned factors but it is also of greater importance. This way your efforts have the minimum chance of going in vain. Also, keyword planning helps you to find the most relevant tags which bring your post in the higher search rank and increased visibility.

Wrapping Up!

So, yeah these are the main things which I consider important to promote your blog’s content but all these can’t be done if you don’t pay attention and give extra efforts especially in the beginning and growth stage of your blog unless it reaches maturity.

Don’t settle unless you are sure all your efforts are paid off. Apart from that, blogging needs not just your time, it needs your love too. Make it your passion and success will be on your way.

I define myself as a perfectionist. Who competes to beat his very own performance and then celebrates. This is something that brings me immense pleasure in the end.Previously, I used to say, "I am a business student and intend to hold a degree in finance" but now I introduce myself as a blogger or as a writer because writing is something I find myself at ease where and love doing and aim to achieve at.So folks, this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come!