China Mehran Car Jiangnan TT

China Mehran Auto, name Jiangnan TT is taking space over the Pakistani Roads. As it has become a point of interest for car lovers. However, many would simply ask, is it the time to say goodbye to Suzuki Mehran?

Well! So much to say about this. Let’s explore this auto below in this post.

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The story begins with the Jiangnan (Zotye) launch of a Mehran lookalike car. Where does it stand out? Well! you might know till now. The price is one of the earliest factors to make this car stands out of the crowd. This is so far the cheapest car in the Chinese market and a reason why it’s taking the hold on the market by storm. The Jiangnan TT Chinese Mehran is priced at Rs. 250k. Shocked? The more shocks are yet to come. Keep your eyes on this piece of information.

The Chinese Mehran at Glance


The Jiangnan TT is an economical car with inbuilt ability to run for 20 Kms/liter. Amazing? Yeah! Take a ride soon. Now let’s talk about the engine. It has got an incredible 0.8L, 3 cylinder engine with 36 horsepower output and 56 mm torque with 4 stroke cycle.

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No doubt, it has a copycat exterior of Suzuki Mehran with 3300x1405x1480 mm dimensions. But the game here changes when you step inside the car.
The interior of the car will give you a pretty much strong shock. Because it gives you the twenty 1st century classy experience better than Suzuki’s 1998’s.

Chinese Mehran

Features & Specs

Apart from the engine capacity & the shape. It offers a great additional suit of power windows, ABS and Air conditioning. Moreover, it originally features drum/disc brakes, Rack steering wheel and 4MT transmission.


When you compare this auto to Pakistani Mehran, Jiangnan is definitely a better choice. Pakistani automotive will cost you up to Rs. 700K while you can get the Chinese Mehran auto just as low as Rs. 250k.

Astounded? Yeah.! I was also. But the reality is still behind the curtains which you will know later in this post.

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Pakistani Mehran auto has largely remained the same over the last 2 decades. The fun fact is that we have no as such new features in the cars till now since 1990’s. However, on the other side of the spectrum, google was able to come up with a driverless car in the same time period.

Zotye Jiangnan TT china Mehran

The Reality Behind the Curtains of Excitement

While you are thinking of this incredibly low price clone, there is something that is kept hidden from you. I know it feels so good to dream about such car. But the reality is quite different. This car is available at cheap rates in the Chinese market. However, upon its import to Pakistan, its price can go up far more than the Pakistani Mehran. The reason is heavy custom duty and taxes on the imported cars.

Now the choice is yours. You have been given enough information about this Chinese MEHRAN. It’s up to you whether to say it’s a good choice or a bad choice. I always want to listen from you.

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