how to get job on upwork

Finding alternate tricks about how to get job on UPwork/Freelancer has been the first thing beginners do in the first place. But stop here!

There might be tips, but not the tricks as such. Landing on the first job needs the other things to be done perfectly. By other things, I mean your profile making, your category selection, portfolio, and experiences. If these things are not perfectly done, there will always lie problems. Having a plain profile and just bidding is not enough rather it reduces the response rate up to many times.


If yes! then proceed on to this case study and let’s begin to ask that…..

How to Get Job on UPwork?

The answer to this question depends on many factors and every effort counts in the journey to get a job on UPwork. In this case study, I will explore different areas and explain them through my personal unique experience that helped me personally getting jobs on UPwork. Therefore, I assume that it will help you win your first bid on any freelancer site like UPwork.

So, what will you learn?

You will learn:

  • How to decide on your niche/category
  • How to create a pro freelancer profile
  • How to write an attention grabbing cover letter
  • How to communicate with the clients
  • How to correspond your portfolio to your targeted niche

Let’s Decide Your Niche in UPwork

This is the first important thing you should decide before starting out as a freelancer because your knowledge about your niche is reflected in your cover letters while bidding on jobs. Be vigilant in this regard and choose a category you have excessive knowledge about.

This was the first thing I did myself as a newbie Freelancer on Elance and UPwork (formerly oDesk), was to select the niche which perfectly suited me. It helped me making suggestions to clients about the projects and positioned myself as an expert of my acquired skills and niche.

If you don’t know about your skill sets and niche, then try reading this post. I have explained in a great detail that how one can realize about his niche/category or skills.

How to Create a Pro Freelancer Profile

The online world is scary and untrustworthy. Your profile is the only tool that helps the clients to know about you, your personality and professionality. But why a Pro Freelancer profile is important? Because it serves as a CV and a marketing tool to sell your services in the online space.

It is true that I was able to win few jobs in the beginning with a crappy profile, but couldn’t make the reputation. After spending a lot of time and efforts I renovate my profile and observed some astounding results. Clients started inviting me to the jobs themselves and thought of me as an expert in my niche. Earlier, this was not the case.

If you are not sure about your profile, then read out this post. I have explained each element of the profile in detail and provided a full set of creating a professional freelance profile on UPwork.

Write An Attention Grabbing Cover Letter

Here at this point, your efforts to get job on UPwork start receiving momentum. This is your only chance to impress your client and land a job. Nevertheless, it is of a great importance. As of every unique job, your cover letter should be likewise unique.

The first mistake many freelancers commit when dealing with the cover letters is that they apply to jobs by copying/pasting the one same cover letter all the time.

Let’s not jump into very much details because here is this post where I have explained in a great detail that how to write an attention grabbing cover letter that converts into interviews.

Effective Communication with the clients

Effective communication helps you decide the terms of the projects, building long term work relationships and bring the utmost satisfaction to the clients. In the beginning of my freelance career, I tried to escape and avoid communicating with the clients and I bear the cost. I could never build the network of high profile clients and long term work relationships until I started communicating with the clients in a professional manner.

Once again, I am not going into details here because I have another post about effective communication where I explained communication with the clients in great details.

Correspond Your Portfolio to Your Targeted Niche

Clients would love to see and deal with the freelancer, who is experienced enough and have knowledge about the niche. Other than that, the Clients go through your Portfolio which if doesn’t match with your niche will result in rejection straight away.

Give it excessive time and Build a portfolio. Why is it necessary? because in the beginning, You don’t have Experience and portfolio items are all which you may have as credentials. These will add up to your credibility and will increase the probability of landing on the job. Each item should be Corresponding to your Targeted Niche. I am stressing it. This is Important!

When done with the portfolio items, add experience if you have any, but it is unlikely for new freelancers. So, if you don’t have it, don’t panic. Move to the next step, Look for a job that suits you best. Apply on the job in which you think you can surely deliver what is required.

This is the key of how to get job on Upwork or any other platform. There are many beginner freelancers who keep on bidding and bidding but their response rate is either too low or zero. The reason is even if you have chosen the right category, but your mental caliber doesn’t meet the level of complexity of job because You don’t have sufficient knowledge and you can’t relate to job effectively.

These are the areas you should work on to improve and rise as a professional. Through testing many things on UPwork. I come up with these essentials that are required to land a job on UPwork.

Now WHAT? Start Bidding!

Bidding is not done just like that. Following the carrot and stick approach, analyze the job description thoroughly and mention each and every point in briefly in the cover letter and mention your approach towards accomplishment. Make it sound very Appealing, Concise, Concrete and Considerate.

The secret lies in How you write the cover letter and Grab clients attention. This I leave up to you. Get a job and give yourself the credit for it and none else.

Now wait for the clients response. You will definitely get one. But if not, Don’t be disheartened. There can be Issues with your rates. So take care of the following motives in the beginning.

Your Motives in the beginning should be

  1.  To get a job
  2. To gain experience
  3. To get a high rating to be noticed, recalled and appointed back by clients
  4. To build a network and work relationship with the clients

Even if the client is offering a minimal rate, take the job and focus on these mentioned above aspects. In the beginning, getting jobs on UPwork or any other freelancer site is blood-sucking, no doubt, but the fruits you ripe in future are worth it. So get on your marks and Go get it!

Congrats! You won the First Job

Taking care of the above elements will surely get you jobs more frequently than before and would change your approach to freelancing. But it is not done yet. Comment below with the link to your UPwork profile and tell us about your experience. This can increase your visibility outside the UPwork and help in finding in clients.

I define myself as a perfectionist. Who competes to beat his very own performance and then celebrates. This is something that brings me immense pleasure in the end.Previously, I used to say, "I am a business student and intend to hold a degree in finance" but now I introduce myself as a blogger or as a writer because writing is something I find myself at ease where and love doing and aim to achieve at.So folks, this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come!
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