The Driverless google car

In case, you have been imagining, the self-driving car technology is no longer the concept of fictions and movies.

The google’s driverless car drove people crazy even though it was tested back in 2014. Yet, this self-driving car is trending. The question is no more -How does this car work? But the question is “How many driverless cars are there

Business Insider Reported that 10 million self-driving autos will hit the road for real by 2020. But the recent collision of this car with the bus raised the question.

Is it a safer choice to have this autonomous vehicle for real on the roads?

Well! Upsides and downsides tend to normal out.

However, it was not a programming decision that led the crash, but the human error. Assuming that Google’s self-driving cars can be safer than the human-driving cars would be unfair. But still, they can do a lot better than humans as humans’ are terrible drivers and let me tell you how?

Self-Driving Cars are Safer. How?

Humans are loathsome drivers, they get moody, emotional, tired, distracted or whatever can happen. You can’t imagine – riding on this car and trusting a robot for your safety can be a good choice than having a human driver behind the wheel. It can spot things around the car quickly than the human eyes.

Want to know how safely it drives? Watch how does it work.

Empowering Special People

I am glad to say that it spreads away the new rays of hope by letting special people move independently. The Google has empowered disabled and impaired people to have an extraordinary ride. People with impaired vision or debilitated legs will now be able to move freely using this car, especially the lives of elderly will be transformed in a completely new dimension.

It has a Face

Google has played so nicely with the human’s psychology here. Its auto has a truly adorable face. For the reason, human’s brain are programmed to treat such objects with great love and care. Thus, it is designed deliberately to look adorable.

It’s a Limited Edition Auto

No matter, how powerful this breakthrough might be. Still, none of the auto-piloted cars has this capacity to drive in heavy rain or snowfall. However, several circumstances are reported where it was found unable to process well and drive such as passing by the construction zone or in the surge of people. The innovation still needs to Ace numerous things.

It’s not Just the Google

The Google is not the only one who got this car. Multiple companies are working in this area. From Tesla to Audi to Baidu, everyone is improving and exploring this technology.

Once a dream is the truth of today.

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The First Ride is Always exciting

The first ride is always loaded with fun and excitement. Words can’t explain better than the video below.

It is a no steering wheel, no pedals car

Whoa! Shocked?

Yes, the google car runs totally on auto-pilot programming. There’s no steering wheel, no pedals. It just got go and stop buttons. Everything just got in control of the robot.

Google sets its car apart from regular cars by eliminating all the familiar touchpoints. However, the fail-safe system has an emergency stop button that will emergency stop the car.

Your Smartphone is Your Driver here

Passengers control the car through their smartphones. Simply, identify your current location and the destination. All set! The car will do the rest.

A small built-in screen will tell you about the speed, weather, and your position. Once you reach the destination. It will remind you to take your belongings with you.

It was developed from scratch

The google modified SUV Lexus Rx 450h, Audi TT, and Toyota Prius are at place. But the Google has made its own model of the car from scratch. The company was not intended to become a car manufacturer but to bring the change. Its models are as of now out and about for test in the Mountain View.

Now! What- Is it a car or a robot?

What’s next?

The biggest issue in place is the regulatory requirements that are governing the autonomous vehicles. If imposed, it will require these vehicles to have a steering wheel and pedals. However, even with the current model, it is quite easier and safer to get around at the push of a button.




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