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Previously, I was talking about some Fiverr gig ideas that do not require you to be skillful. Usually, I go for easy gigs that do not take much time, but the trend has been changing.

Making money online is one of the hotly debated topics over the web these days. Drastically, Fiverr has turned to be the mainstream portal to make money. This forced me to test out some best selling Fiverr gigs that are in demand and making huge chunks for freelancers.

Everyone knows Fiverr is just a career hit point for some individuals while a vast majority of individuals simply wound up sitting tight for the orders to come in.

It is possible that they don’t know how to bid on Fiverr jobs or they worry less about creating a professional gig. The successful freelancers simply offer services which they know are in demand and people are looking for.

Here’s below, I am sharing some of the best Fiverr gigs that are trending. They are viewed as top Fiverr gigs which require skills and creativity. Let’s dig them out.

Logo design

Top Fiverr gigs

Logo designing has been the most popular gig on Fiverr, calling out for the freelance creativity and uniqueness. The reason behind being the most popular service is because every now and then a new blog goes live or a startup comes around or anything generally happens. All of them needs a logo to differentiate themselves from the others and give their blog, startup or organization a unique identity.

Just look at the picture above and calculate the demand. 3120 orders are completed and 223 orders are yet to be delivered. This gig alone is generating this much amount of orders. So you can roughly estimate the revenues and get an idea of its attractiveness.

Logo designing isn’t hard to offer. Anybody with a little graphic designing background can create an astounding logo. However, what makes you different is your input of creativity. Designers are ought to be creative and buyers always demand a creative custom logo. If you are creative, you are good to go for this gig.

Whiteboard Animation

hot selling fiverr gigs ideas


Whiteboard animation has got a lot more attention of marketers and entrepreneurs these days. It’s been a very common and cost effective method to market your product/services. Again, it demands the sparkles of creativity to engage people with the video. Every video is not fascinating, so as an animator, you have to make it intriguing, engaging and inspiring.

Let’s not brag about it. Look closely above in the picture and say “oh! my goodness”. This gig alone has completed 4070 orders and 97 orders are yet to be completed. Mention that, this gig generally makes more than just $5. Calculate the demand, the revenues are on the fly.

Video editing

Hot selling gigs

This is just another one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money with. People love to pay freelancers for their video editing services. The reason is because people can’t fix, edit, or waste time editing their videos. Let me be honest. It’s a quite hectic job, but you can charge bundles of money even for few minutes of editing. As in the above picture, 3795 orders were generated by only this one gig. There’s a whole market out there. Which means higher demand for this service.

Voice over

fiverr ideas

The voice over gigs has been one of the top selling gigs due to the huge video productions and social media. Many people out there can record videos and create social media content, but due to non-English accent or scarcity of professional audio recording equipment, they are inclined towards these services. You can make a better deal out of it. If you have a good voice and professional equipment.

There’s a high growth potential because of the huge demand for this service. Higher demand equals to higher revenues.

Articles and blog posts

unique fiverr ideas

It is perhaps the most trending category in Fiverr as there are millions of blogs on the internet, who need fresh content/articles and blog posts for their blogs/websites on daily basis.  If you care about the uniqueness, quality and error free content/article. Then you get a better chance to stand out and get a lot of work.

Web Traffic

POPular gigs in 2016

As mentioned earlier in the point above, millions of blogs are there on the internet. However, not every blog is generating huge traffic. The bloggers and site owners are hunting for freelancers, who can provide with human traffic to their blogs. If you are active over social media or have got a huge baseline of followers then you might offer these services and make some bucks.

Seo Gigs

best fiverr gigs to make money

SEO is like a rocket science for many individuals. It is perceived the most difficult thing on the web. Let’s not jump into details. But if you are having even basic knowledge of SEO. You can make a lot from this trendy gig. You will not believe that most of the buyers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars even for minor things like blog comments, backlinks or improving on-page SEO.

From the above picture, you would have an idea about its demand, but let’s calculate basic revenue for 31 thousand orders completed. Multiplying 31171x$4=$124,684. This is it.

WordPress Website

After the social media boost up, blogging is just another way to tell your story to the world. It is growing day by day. Most of businesses and individuals want to try, but they don’t know the technicalities. If you are a WordPress developer or designer. You have the chance to create websites for buyers using WordPress and charge them for your services. Interestingly, this is one of the most searched and trending services on Fiverr.

Business Cards

Today’s startups’ philosophy is simple. Think of a product/service idea, name it and get business cards for it. For you, it might not be a difficult task, but for many it’s quite tedious. Make a business out of it because it is one of the most wanted services on Fiverr.

Your Turn

Until now, you have gotten a clear idea about the popular trending services. Now is the time to create an attractive Fiverr gig and rank it to the top of search results.

Having something to say about your gig? Tell us in comments that What are some of your favorite gigs?

Happy Selling 🙂

Aamir Khursheed is the founder of the & is a young motivated writer, entrepreneur and a Public speaker. Currently, he is developing a new mindset for advanced entrepreneurship and pursuing his degree in Business Entrepreneurship.
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    Great article! Although I’ve heard that many SEO, backlink & fake review gigs are not really helpful, there are some very creating art & design gigs I’ve ordered in the past. Here is one of them – It’s a very cool gig by a Russian body painter. Her work is truly awesome!

    • Yeah. Exactly fiverr has definitely quality sellers. I agree, a few may be fake but most of all are awesome. You just need to make things to seller.

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